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Ahmad Nassar - Founder of PlayTechVisions LLC

Ahmad Nassar is the visionary founder behind PlayTechVisions LLC, a passionate individual with a profound background in electrical engineering and a keen interest in technology and game development. He earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Qatar University, graduating with an impressive GPA of 3.67/4.0.

Early in his career, Nassar honed his skills as a studio engineer at Al Jazeera Media Network, gaining invaluable experience in media production and broadcasting. Currently, he serves as an MCR/Broadcast engineer at beIN Media Group, further enriching his expertise in the field of media technology and content delivery.

In addition to his engineering accomplishments, Nassar holds a CCNA certification in computer networking, showcasing his versatility and dedication to expanding his knowledge in various domains. He is not only adept in technical pursuits but has also demonstrated exceptional research capabilities. His graduation project yielded a research paper on “Reactive Power Compensation Using the Sensitivity and LP Techniques,” which was awarded research funding from the prestigious Qatar Foundation. The paper can be found here.

Nassar possesses an inherent flair for mathematics, physics, and analysis, making him a natural problem solver. His passion for software engineering and artificial intelligence drives his quest to create innovative and cutting-edge games and applications. With his unique blend of design skills and solid technical acumen, Ahmad envisions crafting high-quality, enjoyable, and captivating gaming experiences for the world to enjoy.

As the driving force behind PlayTechVisions LLC, Nassar is committed to realizing his ambition of developing unique and successful games and apps. His boundless creativity, technical prowess, and determination set the foundation for a promising future in the realm of game development and technology innovation.

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